Your Privacy? It’s worth $350 a year

Now we know exactly how much your private online life is worth — AT&T prices it at $350 per year.

AT&T announced that users can get their high speed internet service for $70 a month — but only if they agree to let AT&T collect and share your online activities with advertisers. If you’d rather opt-out of these “AT&T Internet Preferences”, you can do so but it will cost you an additional $29 each month — that’s almost $350 per year extra.

Of course, this won’t stop AT&T from collecting your data. No, that would be too obvious. By paying this extra fee, AT&T says they won’t subject you to their “AT&T Internet Preferences analytics platform”, but they will still collect and use your data “for other purposes, as described in [their] Privacy Policy”.

All of this, of course, is for the purpose of making sure that you only hear about things that AT&T’s analytics platform thinks you’re deserving of. They don’t want you to learn about something completely different from what you’ve done before — if you’re a big fan of art museums and symphonies, AT&T doesn’t want to distract you with an opportunity to kayak the Colorado or hunt for big game in South Africa.

The purpose of the analytics is to find out what pigeon-hole you belong in, so that advertisers can keep you there.

$350 per year — for a full-time worker, that’s 17.5 cents per work hour.

Or, you can save the money and let AT&T’s analytics platform tell you what you like.

International Business Times, “AT&T Offers Internet Users Privacy For $29 More As Gigabit Speeds Rollout”,


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