THEIR own self-interest? Or ours?

I think people always operate in their own self-interest. Always. And I think we rarely know what someone else sees as their own self-interest. Instead, we impose on them what we believe they should be interested in.


Common But Not Normal

In the wake of the most recent mass shooting - this time, in a Florida school - many commentators are noting, sadly, that tragedies like this have become the "new normal." I disagree - tragedies like this have become "all too common", but I reject the notion that this is "normal", whether new or old.... Continue Reading →

Mental Illness, Candidates, Guns

There it is again -- this time, "serious people" are talking on TV about the mental health of Donald Trump. Is he unbalanced? Unstable? Psychopathic? How else can you explain his very bizarre behavior? And -- not to be outdone (or, in the now-common "oh yeah? well, so's your old man!" debating style) -- Trump... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Care What You Say

Nothing should be more effective in stopping an argument than these words: I don't care what you say... There are other variations -- "no matter what you say", "you can't tell me", "I know for a fact". These are STOP┬ásigns in any conversation. The person who injects these phrases is telling you that any further... Continue Reading →

Can We Talk?

I spend too much time watching "talking heads" commenting on the political and economic topics of the day. The most tiresome of these shows - the ones that lose my interest most quickly - are those which are dominated by biting remarks and clever, often caustic, wit.

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