Chasing The Price

Slate made me work through a maze of come-ons and distractions just to find the price. They turned bonus values into "sales tricks", and made it clear they hoped I would be too ignorant, too stupid to look up the real price. You're trying to sell by misleading me, rather than trying to sell by the value of their offering.


Detroit Free Press – where news isn’t

Want to find out what time the MSU game starts? Hah! Fool! Why are you looking at the Free Press' website? What should be an obvious location -- a newspaper's sports section -- turns into a hopeless waste of 15 minutes that are now lost forever.

Surviving That First Meeting

In a recent on-line forum, someone asked for guidance on the "basic questions" a Data Modeler should ask of their business customers in the initial meetings. It's a good question to ask, and it's encouraging that this person should think about getting this right. Rather than provide a list of questions -- which, I think,... Continue Reading →

Immovable Objects

There are many things that we treat everyday as immovable objects. Immovable? More correctly, they are things that we believe to exist in a particular context, and to always exist in that context. We see Mount Rushmore and quickly -- unconsciously -- put it in the context of South Dakota, the United States, or perhaps... Continue Reading →

What’s the best answer?

In a recent dialog on a web forum, someone asked how to find the "best" way to construct an SQL query. They had posed a problem and received many solutions, each different in syntax, in approach, and in detail. Reasonably, he asked "how do I find the 'best' solution?" That's a question we should always... Continue Reading →

CONFIDENTIAL (in a web forum?)

This appeared at the end of someone's post on a discussion group in LinkedIn: CONFIDENTIAL AND ATTORNEY/CLIENT PRIVILEGED: This e-mail and any attachments are confidential, intended for the addressee only and may be attorney/client privileged. If you are not the addressee, then please DO NOT read, copy or distribute the message or any attachment. Please... Continue Reading →

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