First, Philosophy, then Data Science

Data Scientists: we don't know what they are, but we need 500,000 of them.


What’s the best answer?

In a recent dialog on a web forum, someone asked how to find the "best" way to construct an SQL query. They had posed a problem and received many solutions, each different in syntax, in approach, and in detail. Reasonably, he asked "how do I find the 'best' solution?" That's a question we should always... Continue Reading →

Why “Metaphysics”?

A very short blog entry this time : Read this article: Data Management Is Based on Philosophy, Not Science My field of study at the university was philosophy (after a couple years of political theory and constitutional democracy). I still keep the works of Aristotle on my shelf. I've always thought philosophy was the perfect... Continue Reading →

Software for Idiots

Tonight, I tried to install an HP Photosmart C4700 printer at home.Now, I'm a fan of HP. They've brought me a lot of business over the last 8 years. I have HP PCs and laptops. I'm one of the few people in the world, apparently, with an HP TV.So, I want this HP printer to... Continue Reading →

ETL 3.0

I have started a separate blog entitled "ETL 3.0". This is an exciting new way of looking at ETL and how it has evolved and where it needs to go next.I invite you to look at "ETL 3.0".  

ETL Model

  Figure 1. ETL ModelThis simple model of an ETL application - "3 circles, 2 arrows" - is all that is needed to highlight the key architectural principle of Flexibility. Each component is separated from the other processing components by a "wall". They communicate with one another through a loose coupling based on an exchange of... Continue Reading →

ETL Architecture – Core Principles

IT at the Speed of Business The driving factor of the modern IT shop is to operate at the speed of business. More than anything else, this means being able to respond rapidly to changes in the business climate. These changes come from the business units within the enterprise, from trading partners outside the enterprise... Continue Reading →

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