Your Privacy? It’s worth $350 a year

How much is your private online life worth? AT&T prices it at $350 per year.


Immovable Objects

There are many things that we treat everyday as immovable objects. Immovable? More correctly, they are things that we believe to exist in a particular context, and to always exist in that context. We see Mount Rushmore and quickly -- unconsciously -- put it in the context of South Dakota, the United States, or perhaps... Continue Reading →

The Key is “Just Be Natural”

A questioner asked how to select a natural key in a business data model. In this case, the business is modeling client organizations across international boundaries. He wrote: In a business data model I was wondering about something like National Registration Number (varies by country), Country, and National Registration Number Qualifier (if there could be... Continue Reading →

Big Data in the age of punched cards

In 1973, when I entered the computer field, the standard format for data was an 80-column punched card and a 132-character line printer. Data was forced to fit into those boundaries, and many creative solutions were crafted to make that happen. If we needed to store the data, we would put it on paper tape... Continue Reading →

“In today’s information-driven economy”

My e-mail graced me with an invitation -- well, yes, a sales-pitch -- to a webinar entitled: Let's Get Down To Business I read on, despite the obvious sponsorship by CA Technologies advertising their ERwin product. And the opening sentence was: In today‚Äôs information-driven economy, data drives your business. Now, I have held the belief... Continue Reading →

Identity Exposure is an Architecture Failure

Today's software story is on the front page of the day's news: Monday, May 22, 2006; Posted: 5:46 p.m. EDT (21:46 GMT)WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Personal information on 26.5 million veterans was stolen from the home of a data analyst in what appears to have been a random burglary, Veterans Affairs Secretary Jim Nicholson said Monday.The computer... Continue Reading →

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