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On being a liberal. What a liberal values.

Intersectionality - Being Human

I would like all of my right wing, conservative friends and family members to read the following. It explains my beliefs in a nutshell. I borrowed this from my buddy Barry Pearl, who borrowed this from another friend. I recently found out that the original author is LORI GALLAGHER WITT.This explains my views in an even tempered, logical way.

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Chasing The Price

Slate made me work through a maze of come-ons and distractions just to find the price. They turned bonus values into "sales tricks", and made it clear they hoped I would be too ignorant, too stupid to look up the real price. You're trying to sell by misleading me, rather than trying to sell by the value of their offering.

I remember Nixon's "enemies list" - a list of people and organizations that Nixon considered to be major political opponents. So I expect the new president - being far more paranoid and more sensitive to any criticism - to have an enemies list as well. And it would, of course, include anyone who is effective... Continue Reading →

Deadheads? Not Dead Yet!

Burke's book was a great introduction, for me, to the central tenets of the Deadhead community - that sense of sharing, of helping one another, of finding your place within the world around you, and of keeping that place intact against the familiar pressures of everyday living. More than just a story - though certainly an interesting and entertaining story - F.T. Burke's "The Bohemian Adventure" shows us how we can grow, even in middle age, to re-center ourselves into a sense of purpose and value. That value isn't found in ourselves as solitary individuals, but in the community of like-minded people, sharing among that community.

President “Not My Fault” (Sad!)

As if on cue, a defender of the White House rushed to respond.... Yes, Benghazi. Still. Clearly, and unsurprisingly, this passionate defender missed my point (and, by doing so, reinforced my point). Nothing that is going on now is about President Obama or Secretary Clinton. What is going on now, and in the future, is about Trump - no one else is making the decision about what we do next. Yet he could not resist. He cannot speak unless he is attacking someone - he must always attack, always denigrate, always demean, and always cast himself as a victim of that other person's failings.

I Don’t Hate Trump

Everybody on one side says everybody on the other side hates Donald Trump. No, I don't hate him. To be most charitable, I don't care about him enough to hate him. I know other people who are crude or selfish or conceited or overbearing or loud or crass or ignorant. I've responded by ignoring them. No, I don't hate Trump. But I do hate - wait, let me think... yes, I do hate what he has been doing.

The Death of the Death of Obamacare

It took the Resistance, the nationwide gaggle of Indivisible groups, ADAPT protesters, health care advocates, and the people themselves to bring this reality to the forefront. They marched and shouted, they posted and tweeted, they emailed and called and sang, they carried photos of their friends and family, yes, they disrupted and got arrested - but mostly they told their stories.

When A Liar Admits He Lied…

was Trump Jr. lying when he denied having a meeting or is he lying now when he claims he did have a meeting? If you were Trump, Sr., how would you discredit all of your critics? How would you prove that the press is lying? Here's what I would do...

Declaration of Independence Day – A Weekly Remembrance

We designate one historic day each year to serve as our "Independence Day" holiday, but what about the rest of the year? Perhaps, in today's America, we need to designate one day per week, not one day per year, as a day to reflect on and celebrate the origins of our country. That day should be designated as "Declaration of Independence Day" - a day set aside to revisit the document that expresses why we assumed a "separate and equal station" among other nations. One day each week to be a citizen-hero, to look carefully at what our government is doing and measure it against the ideals of those 56 heroes who dared be traitors so our rights were protected.

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