I remember Nixon's "enemies list" - a list of people and organizations that Nixon considered to be major political opponents. So I expect the new president - being far more paranoid and more sensitive to any criticism - to have an enemies list as well. And it would, of course, include anyone who is effective... Continue Reading →


President “Not My Fault” (Sad!)

As if on cue, a defender of the White House rushed to respond.... Yes, Benghazi. Still. Clearly, and unsurprisingly, this passionate defender missed my point (and, by doing so, reinforced my point). Nothing that is going on now is about President Obama or Secretary Clinton. What is going on now, and in the future, is about Trump - no one else is making the decision about what we do next. Yet he could not resist. He cannot speak unless he is attacking someone - he must always attack, always denigrate, always demean, and always cast himself as a victim of that other person's failings.

I Don’t Hate Trump

Everybody on one side says everybody on the other side hates Donald Trump. No, I don't hate him. To be most charitable, I don't care about him enough to hate him. I know other people who are crude or selfish or conceited or overbearing or loud or crass or ignorant. I've responded by ignoring them. No, I don't hate Trump. But I do hate - wait, let me think... yes, I do hate what he has been doing.

When A Liar Admits He Lied…

was Trump Jr. lying when he denied having a meeting or is he lying now when he claims he did have a meeting? If you were Trump, Sr., how would you discredit all of your critics? How would you prove that the press is lying? Here's what I would do...

Reward and Punishment: SCOTUS Nominations

I'm still troubled by the idea of rewarding - and thus encouraging - the behavior of the GOP Senate in 2016 re: the nomination of Merrick Garland. While two wrongs don't make a right, rewarding a wrong encourages more of the same. There have to be consequences to misbehavior, especially intentional misbehavior such as the 2016 GOP... Continue Reading →

Ending the Imperial Presidency

We are living through the end of the "Imperial Presidency", with the accompanying restoration of the Congress as the center of power in federal government. So the stage is set for a dominating Congress to tower over a much-diminished White House in a way that we haven't seen in 75 years or more. And that shift may be long-lasting. I expect the "Imperial Presidency" to be a concept shuffled off to history, replaced by a presidency marked by weakness at home and abroad.

Can You Lie About The Future?

Can you lie about future events? Here's a comparison of two statements, both cast as "lies": OBAMA: "no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period. If you like your health care plan, you will be able to... Continue Reading →

Words, Not Just Tone, Matter

In the "heated argument" between Kellyanne Conway and Jennifer Palmieri at Harvard last week, the press attention focused on the seemingly angry tones between these two. The audio reflects that tone, both speakers (and others) talking over the others in incomplete sentences, neither side making a coherent argument. What should have been an instructive and... Continue Reading →

Trump Transition: You’ve Been Punk’d!

All of this "interviewing" - the candidate walk through the lobby of the tower with TV cameras rolling and pundits shouting questions - all of it is staged to accomplish a goal. And that goal has nothing to do with filling his staff/cabinet positions. No - Trump is punking these people, and of course punking the press and his opponents (Democrats, et al) at the same time.

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